Olympic Development Program FAQs


What is ODP?  The (Olympic Development Program) is a USYS (United States Youth Soccer) Program created to identify the best soccer players with in each State Association, and then further develop them through the experience of training and playing with and against the best from the other State Associations in Region 1.

ODP's second purpose is to identify the best from each Region for selection to the Regional Pool. Players in the Region 1 pool are considered candidates for consideration to the US National Team pool.

What is Region 1?  Created by USYS Region 1 is the 13 States of the North-East from West Virginia through Maine. It is one of 4 Regions used to regionalize Soccer in the US.

How much time will it take and will it conflict with my club team?  The time commitment is minimal, several Training sessions, 1 Friendly game and the Weekend Tournament on Region I's long established weekend of June 5-7. Your club and coaches are aware of ODP and should support the program and you playing in it because you will become a better player by participating in it.

Where and when will we train and play our Friendly?  The indoor trainings could be in several venues in northern, central and southern Maine.  The 2 outdoor trainings will be in the central Maine area in April,/May and the Friendly will be in Massachusetts or New Hampshire in May.

 How much will it cost?  The cost to be on the team is $325 which covers Uniform, Outdoor Trainings, Coaches Stipend, and Tournament entry fee and Administration. The only other costs would be travel costs including 2 nights in a hotel. This Fee does not include the optional ODP ID Camp in July.

What is Region 1 ODP "ID" Camp?  ID Camp is an optional 4 day camp in early July. It is restricted to ODP players only, and its purpose is to identify the Region 1 Pool; the best 50 ODP players in Region 1 will be invited to a Region 1 Pool Camp for evaluation and identification for the National Team Pool.

How has ODP helped Maine Soccer players?  ODP provides experience and exposure to further develop the player's ability. Experience playing with and against the best in Region 1 improves the player's game awareness, creativity and speed of play. Exposure to College Coaches and Region 1 Pool selection opens additional soccer doors. ODP players are considered some of the best candidates to play college soccer, and are sought after by many college programs.   

How are Maine ODP players chosen?  Soccer Maine conducts open tryouts to evaluate players.  In addition, Premier Coaches in each age group are polled, and asked to recommend the players they believe stand out among their peers. To be chosen as an ODP player is quite an honor and means that player has been identified as one of the best 18 players by age in Maine.  

Who is the Coach? All ODP Coaches are experienced, professional coaches holding National Licenses. Many are college coaches and most have played college or professional soccer.


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