ODP 2014 Try-Out Schedule


ODP 2014 Try-Out Schedule

     Dates              Age & Gender           Time                        Location

        1/26             Boys 1997          9:30am-11am       Portland Sports Complex
                         Girls 1997          11am-12:30pm      Portland Sports Complex
       2/2             Boys 1998          9:30am-11am        Portland Sports Complex
                         Girls 1998          11am-12:30pm      Portland Sports Complex
       2/9             Boys 1999          9:30am-11am       Portland Sports Complex
                         Girls 1999          11am-12:30pm      Portland Sports Complex
       2/9             Boys 2000          11am-12:30pm      Gorham Sports Center
                         Girls 2000          11am-12:30pm      Gorham Sports Center
       2/9             Boys 2001          12:30pm-2pm        Gorham Sports Center
                        Girls 2001           12:30pm-2pm        Gorham Sports Center


If you have any questions, or have not RSVP'd, please contact Scott Gillespie, ODP Director, at scott@sacofitness.com, or Shari Levesque, ODP Administrator, at odp@soccermaine.com.

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