2013 Fall Classic League

2013 Fall Classic League

Congratulations to our Fall Classic League winners:
U14 Boys
Falmouth YSA 2 - Scarborough 1
U14 Girls
Sanford SC 2 - Kennebunk 1
U13 Boys
Cape Elizabeth SC - 2 Bangor SC 1
U13 Girls
Bangor SC 5 - Gorham YSA 1
U12 Boys
Cumberland SC 2 - Kennebunk SC 0
U12 Girls
Cumberland SC 5 - Pen Bay SC - 0

U14 Boys
Waterville Novas 2 - Patriot SC 0
U14 Girls
Winslow Travel SC 2 - Freeport United SC 1 (PKs)
U13 Boys
Massabesic United SC 3 - Western Maine United 2 (OT)
U13 Girls
Saco SC 4 - Windham YSA 0
U12 Boys
Western Maine United 8 - Kittery SC 1
U12 Girls
Freeport-Sclar/Rinaldi 2 - Freeport-Gould 0

D1 U13 and U14 semis and finals will be held in Yarmouth.
D2 U12, U13 and U14 semis and finals will be held in Freeport.
U12 D1 semis and finals location will be held in Windham.

For the U13/U14 D1 Semis and Finals schedule
click here

For the U12/U13/U14 D2 Semis and Finals schedule
click here

For U12 D1 Semis and Finals schedule
click here




Preliminary playoff bracket schedules will come from your Host Club.  Winners of preliminary playoff brackets will go to semi-finals and finals.  If an age group has 4 brackets, the winners will advance to semi-finals.  If an age group has 2 brackets, the winners will advance to a final.
If your bracket has 6 or more teams, those teams are split into sub-brackets and the sub-bracket winners play each other.  That final game would include potential overtime and PKs to determine the bracket winner as all teams do not play each other in a 6-team or geater bracket.

U9/U10 North-Central Festival Schedule - click here
U9/U10 South-Metro Festival Schedule - click here
U11 North-Central Festival Girls Schedule - click here
U11 North-Central Boys Schedule - click here
U11 South-Metro Festival Schedule - click here

Scores must be reported by Monday at 5pm following the league game.  Scores will be posted by Tuesday evening.  Non-reporting of scores could result in a 3-0 forfeit.  Home teams are responsible for score reporting and should copy the opposing coach on the email. Please verify that your score was entered correctly. No changes to scores will be made after Friday of the week following the game.
Please report your scores to the appropriate person listed below:
13/14 Girls      Robin Thurston     girlssoccerscores1314@gmail.com
13/14 Boys      Marcia Bell           Boys1314scores@gmail.com
12 Boys          Tony Ward            boyssoccerscoresU12@gmail.com
12 Girls           Patsy Oversmith   Timandpats@aol.com

General Information: The Soccer Maine Fall Classic League is for town club teams in the Under-9 to Under-14 age groups, boys and girls, at the classic level of play. The Under-9 to Under-11 age groups are non-results oriented and end the season with Festivals. The Under-12 to Under-14 age groups include Division 1 and Division 2. Division 1 play ends with playoffs to determine a league champion. Division 2 play also ends with playoffs to determine a league champion. 
Players must be age 7 prior to 8/1/2013, to play in the Fall Classic League.  This is a recent change in policy to allow clubs who cannot field U9 teams to add some U8 players to fill out their U9 rosters.  These players are not eligible to play U10 - only U9.  There is no U8 division in the Fall Classic League.

For complete information regarding the Fall Classic League, refer to the:
Please note that the Fall Classic League Handbook was revised on 7/20/2013 to correct several errors and add clarification.
1)  League play dates
2) Age Group Chart
3) Clarification of U8 players participation
(U9 teams only)
Please remember - team ages change automatically on 8/1/2013.  Do not change your existing team ages.  If you are creating a new team, i.e. a U9 team, you will need to create it as U8 (right now that is what the team age would be) as it will automatically change to U9 on August 1. 
Also please remember to designate you U12 to U14 teams as D1 or D2 in your team names.  This will avoid any confusion as to placement of the teams.

1) From your club account, click on your CLUB tab.
2) Choose TEAMS from the dark blue menu bar.
3) Above your list of teams, you will see the following:

Enter Teams in an in-house League, Training Program, or other associated event

4) Choose Soccer Maine Fall Classic League 2013 in the box and click Select.
5) Then select a Fee Group above your list of teams, i.e. "Under 9 to Under 11 Team Fee $275".
Check the box next to each team for that Fee Group that you wish to enter and click "Enter Selected Teams".
6) Repeat these teams for your second Fee Group of "Under 12 to Under 14 DI Team Fee $325", then the third Fee Group of "Under 12 to Under 14 DII Team Fee $325.

Further instructions for entering teams into leagues are in the Got Soccer Club Extended Manual starting on page 24.  A link to that manual is in the menu to the left - find the Maine link and then go to Club Extended Manual.
Please note that fees must be paid at the time of registration of your teams.  Cost for team registration is as follows:
$275 for U9 through U11 teams
$325 for U12 through U14 teams
$13 per player
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