Required from any group wishing to affiliate with Soccer Maine for the purposes of registering players or teams to play youth soccer in Maine.  This form and its required attachments must be submitted to Soccer Maine for review and approval by the Executive Director and Soccer Maine's Board of Directors.

Required from the host club for any classic league player who meets the specified criteria, thereby permitting a player to look for a club outside of his/her town.  Only the 3 conditions listed on the form are allowed - there will be no exceptions.  Please contact the Executive Director of Soccer Maine with questions regarding player eligibility rules.
Notification of Travel form
Required of all teams traveling to out-of-state tournaments and leagues.
Notification of travel is now available in your Got Soccer team account.  Simply enter your team account, go to Events in the dark blue menu bar, then Permission to Travel in the grey menu bar.  Click on E-Travel - Search Events and enter your information to find your tournament.  Once you have located your tournament, click on Request under the E-travel column, and then continue to follow the link.
If the tournament is not in Got Soccer, please use the E-Travel - Other Event link. 
If the tournament has not uploaded their Permission to Host documents, please go to the tournament's website to get that information and submit our paper form.
Required of all players that are considering playing on teams outside of the State of Maine. You must first register with your State before you can be considered for a Transfer, Release, or Permission to Play in Another State.
Player Status Form
Required of all players that are considering playing on teams outside of the State of Maine, are requesting a release from their current team, or are requesting a transfer to another team. Please fill out the form and mail it, along with the appropriate fee, to Shari Levesque, Executive Director, Soccer Maine, 512 Warren Avenue, Portland, ME 04103.

For out-of-state players that are considering playing on teams within the State of Maine, please contact your State office, as you will need to register and fill out a Player Status form in your home state, which would then needs to be sent to Maine before you can be rostered on a Maine team.

International Clearance Form for Clubs - form coming soon.

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