Board of Directors

2015-2016 Soccer Maine Staff and Board of Directors

(Board Committees are below Directory)


Shari Levesque          Executive Director      

Todd Sniper               Dir. of Coaching/ODP Dir.

Jason Pelletier            State Referee Administrator

MJ Ball                       Assoc. Dir. of Coaching

Robin Thurston           President                  

Rob Rodriguez            VP - Premier             

Tony Ward                 VP - Classic              

Todd Whitcomb          VP - Recreation         

Colette Twigg             Treasurer                  

Marcia Bell                 Metro District Director

Rick Doyon                South District Director

Lester Spear              Central District Director

Vacant                      North District Director

Darren Boynton          Director at Large       

Josh Muscadin            Director at Large       

Mike O'Connor           Director at Large        

Jim Skvorak               Director at Large       

Board of Directors' Committees

By-Laws Committee:  Rob Rodriguez, Jim Skvorak, Shari Levesque

Competitive Committee:
Tony Ward, Marcia Bell, Rick Doyon, Lester Spear

Finance Committee
Colette Twigg, Robin Thurston, Michael O'Connor, Shari Levesque

Nominating Committee:
  Tony Ward, Marcia Bell, Darren Boynton

Recreational Committee
Todd Whitcomb, Chairperson; Robin Thurston, Marcia Bell, Lester Spear, Rick Doyon

State Cup CommitteeRob Rodriguez, Shari Levesque, Jason Pelletier


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