Insurance Information
Proof of Insurance
Certificates of Insurance are renewed on September 1st each year. If a Soccer Maine Member Club has previously had Certificates of Insurance issued to property owners for use of playing fields, then new Certificates will automatically be re-issued.
To request proof of insurance for facility owners who have not previously received a Certificate of Insurance from Soccer Maine, please provide the following information:
1. Does the property owner want to be an "Additional Insured" or a "Certificate Holder?"
2. Exact name of the insured--town, school district, or other.
3. Correct address of the insured.
4. Contact name and e-mail address for the insured.
5. Contact name and e-mail address for the Member Club.
Medical Claims
Soccer Maine's Health Insurance provides secondary coverage to properly registered active members. For details on the coverage and information on how to file a claim, refer to  Soccer Maine must validate and approve all claims prior to the claim being sent to our insurance carrier.  Once you have completed a claim form, please send to Soccer Maine, 512 Warren Avenue, Portland, ME  04103.  Soccer Maine will forward the claim to our insurance carrier upon approval.
Liability Insurance
For information on Soccer Maine's Liability coverage, refer to

Director's & Officers Insurance
For information on how you can purchase D&O insurance for your organization through Soccer Maine's provider, please go to, choose Directors and Officers Insurance, and follow the instructions.
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